Thicke was also a prolific composer of several popular theme songs, including the original theme to The Wheel of Fortune, and shows such as The Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes, The Wizard of Odds, The Joker's Wild and Celebrity Sweepstakes.He had the satisfaction of seeing his musical skills passed down to son Robin, a successful singer-songwriter and producer who, with brother Brennan, were born to Thicke and the first of his three wives, Gloria Loring.

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But he was desperately upset about leaving his grandchildren,’ says Jan.

Yet As time went on, Alan became increasingly passionate about the idea.

He changed his shifts to nights so he could spend time in the day with them.’‘He was very matter-of-fact, there was no self-pity.

He didn’t want to make a song and dance about it and we had to follow his lead.

“Additionally, the company negotiated out of a default on its debt in May 2009 and technically defaulted for several days in May 2010 (though an agreement with creditors was announced within one week of the ‘default’).

“During the 2010 tax season, Jackson Hewitt was not able to provide its flagship refund anticipation loan product in 50% of its stores, placing it at a operational and marketing competitive disadvantage.He had volunteered for the procedure — believed to be the first time in 3,000 years that these ancient techniques have been revived — after reading an advert in a newspaper, placed by documentary makers hoping to find a volunteer.For the man at the centre of the debate, it was neither.After its rapid rise to the #2 position in the industry, Jackson Hewitt has had some rough years and myriad problems.According to Wikipedia: “The 2007 Department of Justice investigation, poorly constructed financial products, and a company-wide tax law compliance initiative that many insiders believe did more harm than good combined to erase nearly 50% of the company’s market share over merely four years.Along with his clients, he had three (later four) kids under foot, including his oldest son, Mike, played by breakout heart-throb Kirk Cameron, who served as a constant source of comedic trouble for the family.