” took turns objecting to the plan, as the packed audience repeatedly clapped loudly.Some community college students also spoke to oppose the proposal, which aims to shed nearly 190 people in top administrative positions by 2021.

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The CSCU president has maintained the plan will help the system provide better services for students and allow officials to prioritize where to spend available resources.

But nearly all those who spoke against the consolidation told the board to give it more careful consideration and go back to the drawing board.

The plan would not close any campuses or cut faculty or student support functions, such as advisors and counselors.

Still, faculty and students raised various concerns.

A vote laying a tax is sufficiently definite if it is reasonably clear that the tax was imposed for legitimate purposes.

Districts may sue by the name by which they are generally known.

When such board appoints a superintendent, such superintendent may, with the approval of such board, employ the teachers.

1 of Connecticut Constitution; state's duty to provide education performed through towns, societies and districts; violative of Connecticut Constitution insofar as it purports to delegate duty of raising taxes to operate public education. Local board of education is acting as agent of the town, not as agent of the state, in suit to recover damages for faulty construction of school building and doctrine of sovereign immunity is not applicable. Each school district shall be a body corporate and shall have power to sue and be sued; to purchase, receive, hold and convey real and personal property for school purposes; to build, equip, purchase and rent schoolhouses and make major repairs thereto and to supply them with fuel, furniture and other appendages and accommodations; to establish and maintain schools of different grades; to establish and maintain a school library; to lay taxes and to borrow money for the purposes herein set forth; to make agreements and regulations for the establishing and conducting of schools not inconsistent with the regulations of the town having jurisdiction of the schools in such district; and to employ teachers, in accordance with the provisions of section 10-151, and pay their salaries. 955d.) Annotations to former statutes: Every inhabitant of a school district is a party to a suit brought against it and his property may be taken on an execution issued against it.

the cost of running the current system will pale in comparison to fixing what you will break.” “If you break this system, the state of Connecticut can’t afford to buy it, and it will be students that suffer first,” Cohen said.